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Jun 21 2010 - 10:36 AM
Pledging Allegiance
At my daughter’s kindergarten closing ceremony four children walked to the center microphone and asked parents to “please stand as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.” They retreated into lines, as the two classes of 2018 turned in unison towards the flag, placed hand over heart; and dutifully began. The sweet voices of some sixty children, dressed in their Sunday, best rang out, eyes intent on the Stars and Stripes displaying stage left in a tall brass stand against a backdrop of bright butterflies, blue water lilies, and other colorful children’s art. The words began slipping from lips, my right hand finding its way. For a brief moment I felt myself looking around. Relieved, most of the parents were joining in, their chins slightly raised, eyes on the stage. I was thinking of Betsy Ross and the variations of the Pledge, recognizing the impact of words under God and the current connection to the religious school in which I stood. Yes, a majestic moment in a simple auditorium. I experienced a proud and powerful drill, one the kindergarteners had been practicing religiously every day of their school year. Visit the Gottesman Libraries to see the News Display series in the Everett Café. This post references Congress Recognizes the Pledge of Allegiance, Tuesday, 6/22
Posted in: Learning at the Library|By: Jennifer Govan|647 Reads