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May 28 2010 - 12:32 PM
Life Inspiration with Emily Grossman
With footsteps in the sand before the tide, it's hard to tell the coming from the going, the beginning from the end. They form a path, often obscure, to some point of return, or no return. It's a curiosity to stand in another set of prints and imagine the person to whom they belong, comparing their size and shape to your own. If you pause for just a brief moment you can feel the granules or smoothness slip through your toes.... It takes not a small amount of courage to live, tell, and help others fighting the tide. Not to give up, but to swim hard against the current and rise through the salt, buoyant on the crest of the wave. To remake your footprints and lead another's path to a calmer sea. Highlighting useful resources, apropos to: There and Back Again, with Emily Grossman, Monday, 6/7, 4-5:30pm
Posted in: Learning at the Library|By: Jennifer Govan|764 Reads