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Jul 03 2019 - 08:09 AM
The Brain And Space: Human Development
Unlike the introduction to Psychology class I am currently enrolled in, this course focuses less on figuring out why humans behave a certain way and more on how the human mind works. “The Brain and Space” is all about spatial recognition: How does the brain see? How do we adapt to changes in our environment? How do we notice these changes? How can we tell the difference between various objects like trees and bushes? How can we tell when something is far away or near? To make it clearer, The Brain and Space is a course which specifies on human development and how we use our senses (mostly our eyes), to gather information from the environment. Both courses are set up similarly in the sense that they provide: a discussion Forum, a place to check/keep tabs on your grades, a course syllabus and a general overview page of each course. But they do differ significantly, in the way that they are taught. In contrast to the Introduction to Psychology course, The Brain and Space is a lot more video-based and uses little to no readings at all. The readings that are provided for this class do not cover as much content as the videos do. They serve more as a general review of the different topics discussed, as opposed to the psychology course which is heavily based on reading and uses videos as summaries instead. Ending the first paragraph I mentioned human development. The Brain and Space also focuses on how we learn and adapt as humans from as early as the infant stage. This is mainly why I chose this course, it focuses on mind development, which ties into my more direct study, psychology; A course designed to educate you about why all people behave differently and react differently in various everyday life scenarios.
Posted in: Self-Directed Learning|By: Dominic Wright|767 Reads