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Apr 06 2018 - 03:13 PM
Learning How to Learn
pomodoro Learning how to learn is an essential metacognitive skill for successful self-directed learners. Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr.Terrence Sejnowski popular MOOC from the perspectives of brain and learning science provides useful resources on this topic. In the beginning session, for instance, Dr. Oakley points out that humans have two fundamental thinking modes: focused mode (mostly using the prefrontal cortex of the brain) and diffuse mode (mostly running on the brain's neural resting states). Focused mode helps us address familiar problems efficiently. However, it is more effective to use diffuse mode when learners encounter new problems or explore unfamiliar situations. Great thinkers (such as Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, etc.) have found effective ways to access diffuse mode more directly. Thus, take a walk periodically, instead of working or studying 3 hours straight, maybe a more productive way to learn and solve new problems. The pomodoro technique time management approach reflects this foundation. This MOOC contains many useful knowledge and practical tips for learners to enhance their SDL skills. In the spirit of SDL, you may also find various ways to explore this MOOC that would work best and most effective to you.  Image: Erato at Italian Wikinews via Wikimedia.
|By: Ching-Fu Lan|567 Reads