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Apr 04 2017 - 12:10 PM
upCREATION unfolding - an invitation
Gary, Mau, Matt and I created our first upCREATION Experience. Sadly, for a number of reasons, we do not have a large enough group with enough diversity to feel confident that we, as hosts, can fulfill our promise to make this one of the more important weeks of the year for each participant. In our discovery of what upCREATION is and how to make it the focus of a week of time, has been an incredibly rich phase for me, one of the hosts. The more we explored the design for each day, the new questions we pondered as we designed, the richness of exploring quantum physics and how to transform our own leadership from all the habits of the industrial age into habits rich and meaningful  for the paradigm emerging. This new paradigm born out of information, advanced technology, quantum physics adding up to exponential rates of change at both the global and regional levels is challenging. This morning in my reading I came across this by David Hume, the Scottish philosopher. "There are two fields of knowledge: "matter of fact" and "relations of ideas."  upCREATION is definitely the latter, relations of ideas.  Secondary to this is the first form of knowledge, matter of fact. Given what we discovered and designed for our first Experience, we know we have a rich, important, and stimulating way for all participants to augment and fine tune their leadership, first through creating a new context for what leadership is, and then practicing the skills inherent in this new understanding.  upCREATION is both huge vision and simple pioneering.  Like any good adventure, one should never go it alone. As hosts, upCREATION so far is a beginning. It is not an event or a happening. It has no ending just continual unfolding... We are going to keep this blog open and working it.  We hope you contribute to as well.  We will start off here and if there is interest we will branch off into Synoptical Findings - a way to engage in discovering "relations of ideas." Please contribute your thoughts.  It would be helpful to us for you to "step into"  the blogs on this page  and our description of the Experience before contributing. Then give us a short paragraph statement for why you would want to come. This would be really helpful.  Other thoughts as well of course but we are not yet ready for suggestions on logistics: place, cost, time, etc.  We will get to that. We look forward to unfolding together! The hosts, Gary, Mau, Matt, Gail
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