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Mar 02 2017 - 06:29 PM
Leadership at the Edge of Chaos leads to upCREATION
If you are exploring this website chances are you are in this group of: Idealistic entrepreneurs, revolutionary public servants, unconventional managers, restless consultants, unorthodox facilitators, far reaching designers, disobedient educators, subversive innovators, concerned investors, and audacious artists, and those who seem to fit nowhere or everywhere.   upCREATION is designed for those who thrive on the edge where chaos informs, challenges, entangles and brings about new paradigms and better worlds. We thrive on play, new patterns and forms and wonder. We recognize our ideas and dreams are crazy enough to be true and are mid-wifing an emerging paradigm. As part of  today's leadership we see that opportunities are enormous and different in kind and obligation.   Today, as leaders we learning the power to "make a movement" successful, fun, worthy of the human spirit.  We are co-creating entire networks and value webs capable of whole-heartedly shifting from the dying industrial paradigm into a new one.   We are attempting to transmute the old and augment the emergent paradigm with compelling vision, engagement of the whole system, and the art and science behind the how and why.  We see the need and vision and in every step bring the vision to the need.  Our movements are not destructive; rather they are evolving the old ways into the a new fresh vibrancy, allowing the old to retain value and original authenticity, but give way to the emerging more fulfilling paradigm. I observe through every conversation I have that people want to live in a better world than the one they know, one capable of enabling individuals to bring their best effort into rebuilding Earth as a work of art whether through accounting, art, farming, facilitation, consulting, economics, government, business, or community efforts.   We see how our disciplines  tie into quickening  the emerging paradigm. These are not bottom line movements; they do not feed off the lowest common denominator. They are big and bold made to attract, engage, and rid ourselves of the win/lose, zero sum game. Our movements are entangled, web based, purpose-realizing, attractions to large numbers of people.  It is said that when Kennedy announced that America was going to send a man to the moon and bring him back safely within ten years, the scientists believed they only knew roughly ten percent of what they must know to be successful. Yet when they sent out their requests for help, they were flooded with bits and parts of the whole, not only America, but throughout the world.  Many of these pieces were lying dormant, waiting for other projects and products to mature so they could grow with therm. Without this calling for a higher order of thinking, collaboration and attraction, we would still be waiting to go to the moon. This is where expressing, cultivating, and stepping up to sapiential leadership plays such an important role.  Sometimes, often, out of the blue, people with exactly the right capability step up and ask to join in the making of a movement, a grand project, a rebuilding...  It is impossible for a leader of any kind to know who the right people are at the right time to make the right next steps happen.  Create powerful high order attraction, the resources step up. Sapient leaders know where and how they can give the most value. This form of distributed, in the moment kind of leadership must be practiced to be useful. The leadership forms that are letting us down taught us to be THE leader, to share, but with tight constraints.  Ninety nine percent were considered followers.  Sapient Leadership shares leadership with those who have the know how at the moment and know how to step up and into a position of leadership. They are present at every level within an organization, community, and movement. They bring fresh insights, emergent differences to what is needed.   Scientists studying the brain/mind consciousness have discovered what they call a “global workspace" within our brains where synapses of awareness assemble in a fraction of a moment to wake up a possibility, a resource, a hidden power.  Diverse synapses from all over the brain come together in this "workspace."  They "step up". Those not involved dim down letting those with something to note flash and dance and reassemble everything.  I think group genius is the creation by all participating brains to create a "workspace" for the larger group.  Here assumptions are overturned, synapses flash across the network of participants building links and bonds, and a will to "move mountains." This group experience reawakens our innate knowing, our will to be with other creating higher orders. A new awareness for the art of the possible continues to enliven and awaken all those partaking in the experience for years into the future. We crazy augmenters are the movement makers, the new leaders, and we can be found everywhere. Our movements used to be against something. Today, they are about creating infrastructures, armature, scaffolding to imagine, hasten, and realize bold much preferred futures. Humanity is waiting for us to help assemble this complexity. It is the next level of creative leadership. Hundreds and then thousands of movements swinging into action each with its  own character recognizing that we are realizing something bigger, bolder, more precious than any one or few of us could cause on our own. By definition we can't know how, but together, we can hasten our way through phase transitions and, growing, sharing, providing feedback, learning....Our Group Genius and sapiential leadership will bring us through. Here are two ideas that I think will help you engage and enjoy this form of leadership in yourself and your circle. The first is a fun and vitally important 3 minute video How to start a movement   The second one is about relationships. The first several paragraphs are critical to how we build the next paradigm together. Join us for Y/Our
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