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Mar 13 2017 - 11:51 AM
In the Midst of Threshold Nine
People ask me, "Should I enroll?" "What is upCREATION about?"  Please read this blog and others, take time, consider well. Personally I think this experience is for everyone! The Big History Project, mentioned below has developed a course for all ages and all ages are finding it rewarding and it is changing the lives and assumptions of young students.  Our course, upCREATION is a week of exploration and design that I feel will engage hearts and minds, imagination, and innate knowings in a manner that gives credence and practicality to the week and the remainder of your life.  It will provide a new compass, a new world of seeing what is wanting to be born of our highest form of humanity. INGREDIENTS + GOLDILOCKS CONDITIONS = NEW COMPLEXITY The Big History Project explores 13.8 billion years of history from the Big Bang forward. What is interesting about it is that David Christian, historian and teacher, brings all the disciplines together into a coherent whole so that we can begin to see the unfolding patterns of our Universe, Planet Earth, civilizations on Earth, and all the cultures that give form and meaning for us as humans at this moment in time.  The project claims that we, as modern day humans, are the result of eight thresholds. Before each threshold moment ideas and initiatives form, a chaotic process arises and creates  goldilocks conditions which if successful, leads to upcreation and a new complexity.  Today we are leaping the abyss full throttle into the ninth, one which will once again reframe everything while bringing forth parts of the first eight. The Big History Project postulates that we humans have evolved and lived because of our ability for collective learning, collective intelligence.  Should we find our way beyond the 9th threshold it will be because of our ability to design and collaborate in a manner that richly utilizes sapiential leadership and group genius. The claim of the upCREATION Experience is that Earth and all of its inhabitants have reached Goldlocks conditions ripe for emergence into whole new understandings and requirements for living successfully on this planet. This Goldilocks moment does not insure success. All thresholds are fragile, unforgiving, forthright. What a challenge we have created for ourselves! To succeed and pass through this Anthropocene Era we must leap the abyss and find our ways from the future back to now. We must create a THERE we care passionately about, one in which we welcome future generations into.  We must explore and practice sapiential leadership and be alert to how to prompt and honor group genius. The promise of the upCREATION Experience is that each participant, including the hosts, will leave with a much richer, deeper understanding for how to live forward and into a greater good for all. This is not a practical course in that you will walk away with step steps of anything.  Yet it is a very practical course for finding a healthy way forward, for augmenting skills for passing through a threshold successfully. Each day of our upCREATION will take you into new realms of thought, changing assumptions, far reaching perspectives, practical conversations. Each participant will be learner, guide, mentor, steward and finally the decider of his or her personal augmentation intentions for moving into this great threshold by design not default.  We are the creators of the new origin stories. I suspect this is the first time, humans have been aware of the concept of threshold and the fact that we get to take part.  And knowing this means, we have the possibility of leaving the old ways behind as the new encompasses and takes hold.  Now that is exciting.  
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