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Jan 07 2017 - 10:29 AM
White House Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
The White House has issued a report on the possible impacts, both positive and negative, of the deployment of artificial intelligence.  Highlights of the report are summarized in a short article by Michael Feldman.  Among the issues of concern are the transformation and/or reduction in employment as AI, supported by big data and machine learning, replaces some or all human labor in transportation, health care, finance, defense and other sectors of the economy. While there will be gains in productivity and quality from the deployment of AI technologies, it is not clear how such gains will be distributed in society.  The White House introduction to the report discusses the activities undertaken to produce it.  The full report, Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence and a companion piece, The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan provide more detail on the anticipated effects of AI on society and the policies that can influence those effects.
|By: Gary Natriello|768 Reads