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Jul 06 2012 - 10:39 AM
Flowers in International Children's Art
Flower has always been a popular theme in children's art all over the world. Flowers Of Haiti (1957), by Sonia Ramponeau Flowers (1957), by Michael Gilead Flowers In Bright Colours (1957), by Ingrid Vase With Tulips (circa 1955), by C. Doyle Vase With Tulip (circa 1955), by Wolfgang Baier Vase With Tulips (circa 1955), by Jean Collison Flowers (circa 1955), by Adolf Zielinsky Flower Pot (circa 1955), by Ahmed Hassan Flowers (circa 1955), by Fawzy Iawfic Plants And Flowers (1956), by Roland Flowers (1956), by Muchin Sergej Flowers (circa 1955), by Maria Joaquina Still Life With Flowers (circa 1955), by Matthieu
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