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Mar 07 2013 - 10:47 AM
World That Was

An incredible example of interactive technology, the World That Was Table is a communal learning tool that allows museum guests to access the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust's extensive archives in an engaging way. Detailing the lives of Jewish people and their lives before the Holocaust, LAMH's archive of 25,000 photos was an incredible resource that needed a new way to be displayed. By employing an interactive surface, the table immediately attracts museum goers' attention and draws them in to further explore the enormous amount of data.

World That Was Table

The potential for this kind of interactive technology is enormous. The ability to display and engage with such an extensive amount of images, video and text could seriously revolutionize the way classrooms, museum exhibitions and even household objects interact with their users, particularly children. By being able to choose and manipulate the information of your choice, the user's interest can be retained for a much longer amount of time and allow for greater digestion of information.

World That Was Table

|By: Danielle Garbouchian|760 Reads