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Jan 23 2012 - 01:45 PM
A Techrospective Infographic
Check out this timeline from Udemy called 2011: Techrospective. It's a review of the biggest tech news of 2011, posted on Udemy's blog. It's a fairly simple interactive infographic if compared with others we've reviewed here, but I choose to feature it because it comes from an educational platform and because it's a neat model for any kind of timeline/history lesson. First, a bit on Udemy. It's an online platform whose self-proclaimed goal is "to disrupt and democratize the world of education by enabling anyone to teach and learn online." In the same way blogs democratized publishing and gave birth to widespread citizen journalism, Udemy seeks to change education by allowing experts worldwide to teach what they know on a free online platform. The content, of course, is accessible to anyone, either for free or for a relatively cheap cost per class (usually $5 to $250). On the side, they have a blog that covers tech news and offers lessons on tech research, web marketing and the like. Techrospective was one of their recent infographics. In short, it places events from January-December 2011 on a timeline divided into months, and then color-codes each event by category: Gadget Releases, Hot New Startups, Losing the Greats, IPOs, Acquisitions, and Gossip. You can filter the results by category and also click through the timeline to see one event at a time explained, as pictured below. I could easily imagine this sort of interactive graphic used in any history lesson involving chronology, or in an e-textbook for sure. It's simple, engaging and nice to look at.
|By: Jihii Jolly|840 Reads