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Jan 13 2011 - 05:07 PM
A Good Meeting about Identity
Brian and I just had a meeting with one of our partners from the Arts and Humanities department where we discussed ideas about future features and iterations of Pressible. The Pressible team tries to focus on outreach with our existing users as much as possible so it is nice to be able to sit down and hash out some ideas and chat with them. Some of the ideas we touched upon were:
  • A better system to allow for links back to a TC site, whether on the Pressible network or an external site (like the TC department site).  This is an idea we need to think about and try to develop a solution for. The crux of this issue is that people who are using Pressible currently are part of other networks at TC: their department, their program, their classes, etc.
  • This also led into a discussion of how a user can better distinguish their identity on Pressible. We want them to use Pressible to write about their ideas and research. How do we allow them to build out a stronger identity on the site to make it  a more attractive tool to do these things?
  • Social media integration. This is an idea we have been discussing as well. We hope to allow users to be able to link to their Twitter, Facebook, etc, profiles in a more sophisticated way than a simple text link.
Brian and I also shared where we are in terms of Pressible development overall. Our answer is that we know we want to make changes that tackle these issues and others (design refinement, navigation improvements, etc.), but that we do not have hard dates set for those changes to be implemented – we continue to work in an agile fashion that is sometimes slowed by product testing. In the meantime we do plan to make some small changes that we hope make Pressible a even better publishing platform for our existing users and partners, as well as a tool that attracts even more users.
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Patrick Carey|564 Reads