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Aug 04 2019 - 08:00 PM
InsideSherpa Lets Students Virtually Explore Different Careers

"A simulation of the work graduates do at leading companies." (InsideSherpa)

A Risk-Free Way to Learn the Day-to-Day of Different Careers

Nearly a third of Americans are unsatisfied with their current jobs. While dissatisfaction has many causes, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a career that has not turned out to be what you expected. If you’re young, inexperienced, and lack connections or access to career resources, you may realize all too late that what you thought was your dream job really isn’t a good fit.

InsideSherpa is working to prevent such miscalculations. This open access platform gives students the opportunity to try out different careers so they can find out for themselves what is a good fit. Students can enroll in free Virtual Work Experience Programs to access resources and complete tasks designed to simulate real-world working environments. The online programs mirror internships at leading companies, but allow students to complete them on their own time and without the stress of failure.

No More Coffee Runs

InsideSherpa courses are made up of modules that replicate a day in the life of a successful graduate from a real internship. The platform emphasizes practical skill development, video instructions from actual employees, and work that realistically reflects actual day-to-day tasks. Since all InsideSherpa programs are digitally based and not directly tied to an employer, they can be completed anywhere and on any timeline.

Though InsideSherpa students aren’t working directly for a firm, they can opt to send their work to firmsthat have backed virtual work experiences and may be able to network further with those companies upon completion of the experience. From technology consulting to law, the programs offered through InsideSherpa are varied, and the organization hopes that by growing their programs, more students will have access to the tools and networks necessary for career success.

Image: By Brendan Church via Unsplash
|By: Melanie Hering|1474 Reads