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Jul 24 2019 - 08:00 PM
The SEE Learning Program Aims to Make the World a Kinder Place

The Dalai Lama teamed up with Emory University to create a curriculum focused on creating a kinder world. SEE Learning—or Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning—combines several current educational movements into one subject. These include social and emotional learning, compassion and ethics, attention training, and trauma and resilience skills. The online platform has resources for both teachers and students, and provides an online forum to connect SEE Learning educators around the world. Currently, the community includes over 600+ educators across 25 countries.

The curriculum is mainly for elementary and middle school students, and has three developmentally-staged tiers of resources. Each set of resources aims to cultivate awareness within students so that they can engage ethically in their own classroom community, as well as the global one they explore online. SEE Learning resources include in-depth guides and an orientation session for educators who wish to implement this curriculum in their classrooms.

How does social, emotional, and ethical learning tie in with mindfulness education? How can SEE Learning fit into the strict curriculum demands found in many public schools today? Join the ongoing discussion on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@01:01 Melanie Hering: I'm still not entirely sure how SEE is different from SEL. It feels a bit like an expanded version, what with the focus on attention training, resilience, and ethics, but arguably those are already baked into SEL if done correctly. I think there's this push for a cure-all for general mental wellbeing right now, and in trying to cram more buzzwords/concepts in, these programs risk losing focus.

@02:04 Rebecca Sullivan: I would like to know more about the curriculum SEE Learning uses. This video does a good job of articulating the goal of the program, which seems to be to make people kinder, but doesn't give much detail as to how that goal is accomplished.

|By: Sara Hardman|1403 Reads