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Jul 17 2019 - 08:00 PM
Take an Interactive, Illustrated Journey Through History With Women Who Changed the World

Women Who Changed the World is an app created by Learny Land that compiles the stories of 15 world-changing women through interactive, illustrated narratives. From aviators to scientists, artists to civil rights activists, this app takes kids on a journey through history alongside brilliant and brave women. It costs $2.99.


Women Who Changed the World is a great app for introducing children to historical figures in an engaging way. The diversity of women in the stories, both in terms of professions and nationalities, make the app feel inclusive and encouraging for readers of all backgrounds and interests.

In addition to the intentional design and beautiful illustration, Women Who Changed the World includes clever interactive components throughout each story to keep the reader involved. For instance, a reader can help plant and water trees in Wangari Maathai’s story, paint fruit with Frida Kahlo, and fly across the Atlantic with Amelia Earhart. Additionally, to move each story along, readers are given predictive questions to answer (e.g., "What do you think she did next?").


Since each story is pretty short, it would be great if the app could either link to more extensive information about each of the women or provide an accompanying guide. This app is a good introduction, but it’s limited in what it offers, so access to additional, more comprehensive resources would be a helpful way to encourage users to continue learning about great women of the world.

I found it a bit strange that the eight astronauts were all included in a single section on space engineering and exploration and weren’t individually profiled like the seven other women..This felt inconsistent with the depth-over-breadth approach taken with the rest of the stories.

There were a few times during a story that I wished for the ability to go back to a previous scene but I could not figure out how to do so without starting the story all over again. Adding this function would be useful.

Our Takeaway:

Women Who Changed the World is a thoughtful, engaging way to introduce children to some of the women who made the world a better place.

Image: Women Who Changed the World via Learny Land
|By: Melanie Hering|1109 Reads