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Jul 02 2019 - 08:00 PM

"Our mission is to improve healthcare with virtual reality." ( About Limbix)

Learning to Cope Without Leaving the Office

Research suggests that virtual reality can have a powerful impact on healthcare, and Limbix is dedicated to researching, exploring, and developing this potential. Limbix’s team of VR experts, software designers, psychologists, and producers are creating treatment options for ailments such as anxiety, pain, depression, trauma, and addiction. Some of Limbix’s VR experiences resemble the educational and entertainment programs available on systems such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. These include virtually traveling the world and learning about meditation, depression, and growth mindset. Many of Limbix’s offerings, though, are specifically designed to be used in a professional setting with the guidance of a trained psychologist. These virtual therapies include exposing patients to small spaces to help them gradually overcome claustrophobia, having anxious public speakers practice in front of a virtual audience, and a teleporting victims of trauma to a virtual rendering of the location of the incident in order to help them to work through their pain. These guided VR experiences are meant to help mental health patients navigate psychological illness in a supportive and safe environment.

Limbix uses panoramic images and videos instead of animation in their VR experiences to make their therapy more realistic. Their programs are also interactive, challenging users to respond to stimuli and enabling them to choose their own path of exploration.

Learning From and Advancing Research

Professionals at Limbix base their products on past research findings and also engage in their own research through partnerships with universities and hospitals. Currently, Limbix is studying how VR can be used to treat conditions such as adolescent depression, social anxiety, and trauma with organizations and universities including Harvard, Mass General Hospital, and the National Mental Health Innovation Center. While these studies are still in progress, Limbix hopes that their work can help establish VR as an effective healthcare tool.

Image: by Bradley Hook via Pexels
|By: Rebecca Sullivan|1151 Reads