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Dec 16 2018 - 07:00 PM
Detecting Early Learning Issues With Ruth Gottesman

When Ruth Gottesman joined the Department of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine after completing her doctoral program at Teachers College in 1968, the concept of learning issues in children was entirely novel, and there was no practical screening test for early detection. What did exist were complicated, time consuming evaluations that offered little insight and were not easily administered by pediatricians. Ruth and her team set out to develop a school learning issues screening test for children in grades Pre-K through 4 that takes only 5-10 minutes and covers reading, language cognition, oral reading of connected prose, comprehension questions, short term auditory memory, math, and two areas of visual/perceptual functioning. Ruth visited EdLab in December 2018 to share the details of this development process with members of the TC community.

Watch theĀ full seminar.

Excerpts from the discussion

@32:03 Melanie Hering: I think the hardest thing about creating a screening test is in making it time efficient and requiring few resources. A lot of our group's ideas focused on implementing very student-based approaches that are thorough and thoughtful, but far more difficult to implement than something practical.

@40:43 Toland Lawrence: It's great Teachers College helped her get alumni who were teachers to review the test and make it the best it could be.

@58:00 Hui Soo Chae: The children were not traumatized by the test. They seemed to enjoy it.

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