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Oct 12 2005 - 10:07 PM
Bravo! and an extension
Thanks to the TSG for a great presentation and discussion at lunch today. I want to push a bit on an idea that evolved during the discussion. The idea that we should be facilitating a network instead of building a center is worth some further thought. What if we stopped thinking that we need to do a lot of things to support teaching, and instead, started surveying what was actually going on in this area in the college. We could create a network map (perhaps following the model that Brian Carolan discussed this summer). Once we assemble the network map we could then consider how we might facilitate the development of the network including the exchanges among existing nodes. We could also consider which (if any) nodes we want to take primary responsibility for developing. We might try to do some calculation of how many nodes and which ones would allow us to facilitate the growth and development of the network. From this model we might develop some understanding of how the various services we discussed at the meeting fit into/onto the network. This would mean that while we would still try to learn from existing teaching support operations in other places, we would be intent on creating something totally different. To get in touch with this way of thinking, I suggest taking another look at The Cluetrain Manifesto. As you work your way through the theses, think about the TSG as the corporation and push forward in re-thinking how the TSG ought to operate.
|By: Gary Natriello|1213 Reads