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Mar 14 2018 - 08:00 PM
Drag 101

"My favorite thing about drag is that it is unnecessary, there are no responsibilities in drag. You don’t have to be nice, you don’t have to be on time, you don’t have to be socially responsible. You can use it for whatever. And I want to use it for good," says New York City comedy Queen and Slate contributor, Miz Cracker.

Thin, white, and very salty like her namesake, Miz Cracker is using drag to fight for equality with each public demonstration, cast light on real issues facing the gay community through each on-stage performance, and instill others with a newfound sense of wonder and possibility through transformations.

While you will find Miz Cracker lighting up the stage with one of her quirky productions featuring music mashups and jump splits, some of her best work is done performing the role of drag mother through Drag 101 sessions. Drag 101 sessions are not only for those who seek a career in drag but anyone looking to explore another part of themselves and take on the world in a whole new way.

Miz Cracker cites her own drag mother, Bob the Drag Queen, who maintains that there is a college for everything, even clowns, but no such formal schooling for aspiring queens. Instead, it’s all about mentorship in the form of a drag mother. Though not required, a drag mother is extremely valuable, especially in a world where learning is doing and building upon the work of those who came before is how you get ahead. A drag mother may be mere steps or even decades ahead, but it is through her example and motivation that queens-in-training begin to develop their on-stage persona, put their best face forward, and find something to stand for in those 6-inch heels. And you have to be prepared to fail, at least for a while. But every show you bomb is another performance in the bank that will only help you get better.

Drag is as genuine as it gets; there’s no fourth wall or soundstage. Getting out there every night to connect with people sets apart the diamonds from the dregs and lets her live her whole fantasy in a real way.

Music: Waiting for G by Little Glass Men Polybear by Little Glass Men

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