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Sep 25 2017 - 08:00 PM
Alive Studios Brings Flashcards to Life

Alive Studios is an evidence-based approach to teaching early mathematics and literacy to pre-K and kindergarten students. The studio sells various reading, math, and interactive augmented reality story bundles. Alive Studios kits include: posters, cards, videos and storybooks to develop themes around math and reading that cut across curriculum subjects.


The curriculum goals are intended to help pre-K and kindergarten students develop awareness of letters, letter sounds, sight words, and more. Research conducted on the "letters alive" program found that students showed gains in emergent literacy skill development. Teachers interviewed as part of this research said that their students were actively engaged with the augmented reality animal characters displayed by the interactive cards. Alive Studios designed their curriculum to be easily adapted to different learners, learning styles, and class sizes. Finally, recognizing that their products may be costly for some classrooms, Alive Studios provides links to assist educators in finding funding. They offer products through and provide assistance with writing grants.


Alive Studios is targeted toward classroom teachers; however, it is unclear how teachers would be supported in integrating these activities with existing standards or requirements at their schools. Included in these site-based challenges is the often complicated use of classroom technology. If schools don’t have the means to train and support the on-going use of a new technology, it can be difficult for teachers to fully use the tool.

Our Takeaway:

Alive Studios provides several kits that include materials and research-based curriculum to teach young students literacy and math. While the costs may be prohibitive for some educators, this thoughtful application of technology to support learning goals is an exciting application of augmented reality.

Image: Via Alive Studios
|By: Caitlin Davey|957 Reads