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Sep 12 2017 - 08:00 PM
Learning Theater Spotlight: The Art of Interactive Design

Push open the glass doors of the Learning Theater. Enter the large blackbox space and turn right. There on the wall you see a bookcase. But of course, in a space as innovative as the Learning Theater, you know it is not a regular bookcase. No, instead, it is a piece of interactive design created by the Learning Theater's Artist in Residence and Interaction Designer Adiel Fernandez.

Adiel has a background in physics and education, which he used to work for nearly a decade as an instructor and exhibit designer at the New York Hall of Science. Inspired by his time creating interactive exhibits, Adiel later completed his master’s degree at Parsons School of Design in the program of design and technology. He now works freelance as an Interactive Designer and Developer. And yes, we agree, that is an incredibly cool title.

Peruse the bookcase in Adiel's Learning Theater display and you will find no paper, no bound covers, no wooden shelves, for the piece is an interactive projection. Called Collective Wisdom, the exhibit allows visitors to open each book by clicking on their spines. Inside is a found piece of wisdom, collected and curated by members of the Teachers College community. Adiel's hope is that educators and students can share knowledge with each other through a different medium. Instead of passing along information in a transient way, Collective Wisdom gathers and shares knowledge in a way that combines the flexibility of technological design with the joy of full bookcases. For like the Learning Theater itself, Adiel combines emerging tech with tradition to create a new experience, at once both educational and artistic.

Music: This Bright Day by Ketsa

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