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Sep 07 2017 - 08:00 PM
Building A Better Community From Lecture Videos

"Echo360 turns classrooms and events into collaborative communities of learning and success by combining industry-leading video, engagement and analytics into one unified experience." (About Echo360)

Creating Interactive Lecture-Captures

With the size of undergraduate classrooms growing, colleges and universities know they need to find new ways to connect to lecture halls full of students. A new video platform, Echo360, promises to enhance learning in the classroom and extend it beyond classroom walls. Designed for higher education and continuing medical education training settings, Echo360 can be used to create interactive lecture-captures. Echo360 also provides insights into class participation as critical evidence to support proactive academic interventions.

Video On-Demand

Recording lectures for students who might have missed a class, are learning remotely, or need to review lecture content is a common practice in higher-ed. Echo360 allows professors to easily record lectures or screencast and make them available on-demand in order to cut down on wait time and remove frustrations with the uploading process. The platform also incorporates multiple types of polling for instructors to assess student understanding on the fly. Beyond integrating into traditional classroom models, Echo360 allows instructors to flip the classroom by assigning video or content for students to demonstrate in class.

As higher-ed institutions work to address the needs of growing student populations, connective technologies will undoubtedly be an aspect of meeting these needs. Video, polling, and screen capture tools have existed for some time, but integrating these elements with student demonstration tools is a novel approach provided by Echo360.

Image: via Flickr
|By: Caitlin Davey|761 Reads