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Aug 31 2017 - 08:00 PM
The (Quick) Key to Quizzing

Quick Key is a mobile grading app that allows educators and administrators to measure student progress both instantly and over time. Quick Key describes itself as formative assessment supercharged. (About Quick Key)

Appealing to Teachers and Administrators

Quick Key aims to appeal to both school leaders and teachers. For school leaders, it offers access to valuable formative assessment data. The platform was built to support schools as they transition from paper to digital tools. It integrates with other educational software such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, and PowerSchool. An advantage that is likely to please teachers is that the app promises to speed up the grading process. Quick Key can be used on a mobile device or tablet to grade various assignments such as exit tickets, quizzes, and unit exams. Teachers can then provide students with valuable feedback and use the data collected through Quick Key to inform their instructional decisions.

Starting With Students

Quick Key was created by formative educator Walter Duncan, whose curriculum and rapid feedback system allowed his students to achieve scores in the top 15% of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam. He then partnered with a friend from college to build out the platform, which was funded via a KickStarter campaign marketed to fellow educators. Their journey garnered some media attention and allowed Quick Key to reach other educators.

Beyond Bubble Testing

Quick Key promises to save schools from the expense of bubble sheets (though it doesn’t save students from filling them in). Bubble sheets that can be scanned by Quick Key are available for free on the website. Beyond these sheets, teachers can send quizzes directly to student devices or use Google Forms. Quick Key’s functionality across digital and paper testing easily integrates this tool into classroom instruction.

ImageBubble World by Ben Chun: via Flickr
|By: Caitlin Davey|797 Reads