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Jul 20 2017 - 08:00 PM
Chat Your Way to Romantic Bliss

Navigating the murky waters of dating in the era of apps and websites can be challenging. Instant Relationship Advice (previously WittyThumbs) aims to connect the unhappily in love with experts who have previously helped people with thousands of relationship issues.


Not only does Instant Relationship Advice offer support for a wide variety of scenarios, but it approaches them from different angles. It offers a range of relationship support from breaking up to getting back together or even writing an opener on an online dating app. This user friendly website allows advice seekers to begin a private chat with an expert or receive advice over the phone. Once users are matched with an expert, the expert’s picture, background, style of advice, and bio are displayed, all of which helps users feel better connected. A novel approach that Instant Relationship Advice takes is in the conversational analysis posts that run through example conversations to describe what worked or didn’t work to further conversation. The site also features articles that provide substantive lessons on various dating topics.


While the first five minutes of any chat are free, in order to continue receiving advice a user is required to pay an additional 99 cents per minute. Though the conversation felt more natural through the follow-up questions my expert asked, the five minutes ran out pretty quickly as we were just getting to a point where he could advise me. Additionally, I was a little hesitant to ask advice at first as I wasn’t able to select which expert I wanted to seek advice from. While some users may be alright being matched with any expert, others might want advice from someone who better understands their particular scenario.

Our Takeaway:

For those who may feel embarrassed to ask for dating advice or are seeking an unbiased opinion, Instant Relationship Advice might be a useful learning tool. It's a good way to learn quick fixes on wrong turns you may be taking in your romantic life. However, in seeking advice on important matters, choosing the right expert for you is the preferred approach.

Image: via Pexels
|By: Caitlin Davey|599 Reads