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Feb 12 2017 - 07:00 PM
This Digital Math Game Show Could Put Jeopardy on Notice

Knowledgehook GameShow is a curriculum-testing platform for math that makes class more exciting for students and assessment easier for teachers. As if they were on a trivia-style game show, students answer multiple choice math questions on their personal devices, then watch as the results pour in from their classmates. Teachers can choose questions from Knowledgehook’s extensive database to make each game relevant to the lesson of the day.


The fact that Knowledgehook GameShow displays funny victory gifs when players answer questions correctly is enough to make it stand out from the pack, but the platform has many other great qualities. First of all, it is incredibly simple for educators to start playing the game. Users don’t even have to log in; they can simply choose a grade level or math topic from several question sets. Students use the given class code to log in on their devices and join the game, where they have the option to choose their own avatars. After students enter their answers onto the platform, they can take pictures of their work and upload it to the system for teachers to check. When the majority of students get a question right, funny gifs like dancing avocados boogie across the screen.


It would be great if Knowledgehook GameShow were accessible through an app instead of a website, as many students might be tempted to wander to other sites when using a browser. In addition, the platform could be more versatile if it adjusted the difficulty level of questions based on how well students perform throughout the game. This could prevent individual students from growing discouraged if the class as a whole performs poorly.

Our Takeaway:

Knowledgehook GameShow is a lot of fun. Even as an adult I enjoyed playing. The victory gif was like a gift for getting questions right, and the platform was easy to access and simple to use. I highly recommend teachers give this game a try, particularly on a day when lessons become dull or when students need a review before an exam.

Image: Avocado animated gif via Giphy
Posted in: New Learning TimesEdTech Review|By: Jenny Abamu|669 Reads