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Apr 17 2016 - 08:00 PM

Ms. Snake and Sal Salamander are just some of the lovable characters you’ll find in Junganew: A Herd of Sounds. This app is perfect for children with speech delays who have trouble in particular with the /S/ sound. Not only will they have fun exploring the world of Junganew, they’ll get practice on target speech areas along the way.

Follow Theo the Tree Frog as he hops from habitat to habitat, helping his friends complete different tasks along the way. With the assistance of the user, Theo helps Sal sort seashells on the beach and Rissy Rose complete her costumes. Children will love the vibrant, fun stories and activities the app provides, and speech therapists and parents will love how much practice the kids will get with problematic sounds.


Junganew’s activities are broken up to target the /S/ sound in different areas of words, so children get comprehensive practice with the sound. The app includes practice with /S/ by itself, and at the beginning, middle, and end of words. Also, this app includes a helpful feature called mirror models that records kids practicing the /S/ sound alongside their favorite characters, and then plays the recording back to them so they can watch themselves speak. This will help kids become more aware of how they’re saying their sounds.

One final plus—all the artwork is hand painted with watercolors. It truly is a joy to look at, and kids will love the interactive backgrounds.


Because this app is the first in an intended series, it only focuses on the /S/ sound. Despite providing many opportunities for children to "hisss" and "sssing," kids who have difficulties with different sounds will have to wait for the app’s next installment. In addition, the free version of this app only provides users with four games instead of the eleven provided in the full version, which costs $4.99 in the Apple store. Testing the game out for free is a great way to see if the app is right for your child, but if you really want your kid to have hours of entertainment and practice, you’ll want to pay for the full version.

Our Takeaway:

Junganew: A Herd of Sounds is a fun and interactive app that will make kids with speech delays enjoy practicing their /S/ sounds and building their vocabulary. Parents and speech therapists will be as pleased as the kids—even if they have to wait for the app’s next sound release.

Image: Junganew: A Herd of Sounds via Itunes
|By: Sara Hardman|675 Reads