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Apr 10 2016 - 08:00 PM
Whiteboard Animation

Have you ever watched a whiteboard video? They are the videos that animate a lesson before your eyes. As you listen to an audio clip—a speech perhaps, or a TED talk—a hand reaches out and illustrates the lesson line by line.

If you’ve seen any of these videos before, you probably know just how much fun they are to watch. They capture your attention; they teach you something; and they are compelling enough to creep into your binge-watching schedule after a long day of work.

So why are these videos, aimed at teaching us something, so engaging? This Vialogue is a whiteboard video itself that turns self-reflective and tries to answer that question. As it reveals, not only are whiteboard videos entertaining, they also cause us to remember lessons significantly better than normal talking-head educational videos.

Why do we learn so well when we watch whiteboard videos? Can they be a useful tool in the classroom? Tell us about your experience with whiteboard videos in our discussion on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@03:17 Dinosossi2: I think people "tune in" to the emerging nature of this form of communication. The visual literally emerges in front of them, making it kind of magical and spellbinding.

@03:17 Jennyshen: I think it comes down to putting the spotlight on the visual while hearing a real-time narration for explaining the visual. Instead of having to focus on an auditory component with only a teacher's face to supplement an understanding of the auditory, students may be able to follow along easier when all sensory modalities are focused on the content.

|By: Sara Hardman|709 Reads