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May 27 2005 - 02:45 PM
Sharing Our Photos
I've talked with Anthony about this a little bit... We need to share photo content better. So, there should definitely be photo archives, and they should probably be in the same location as the Art Collections (except they will not be made public). However, before this happens, there are some details to be ironed out. The goal will be to have one collection (such as "Media Group Images") hold many groups of photos... this way we wont have an out-of-control list of "collections." How about the following: 1) We need to be able to put a basic label (e.g., "outside TC") on every photo in a batch import. And a date should also be attached to all the images in a batch import, for record-keeping purposes. 2) Then we should be able to sort the images in a collection by choosing a label (can these appear somewhere as a list?). This will help everyone else find the content they want. The reason for using our archive database to do this (and not third party software, which is abundant, of course), is that we kill two birds with one stone. This will help us share photos AND be a reliable system for seamlessly creating a archive for all the photos we take as future "historical collections." How does this sound? Will the tech team have time to take this project on at some point this summer?
Posted in: Exhibits|By: Brian Hughes|1033 Reads