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Feb 08 2016 - 07:00 PM

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform for students and teachers. With an intentional pedagogical design and a wealth of resources, it is a robust space for real, fun learning.


The attention to pedagogy is a strength of Kahoot. The learner-leader cycle, in which teachers create quizzes for students, students research materials to create quizzes for peers, and teachers assess student-created quizzes, supports students to become the leaders of knowledge in the classroom. Kahoot provides example rubrics from educators in the field for assessing student-created quizzes, and reminds teachers that evaluating the incorrect answers that students generate can be as informative as the correct answer. Game play also leverages the interactive nature of learning. Instead of playing the game on a single device, each student has an answer board on their device or browser, with the game question displayed on a shared screen. This forces students to look up and engage with each other as they play. Different modes such as Discussion, Survey, and Quiz also present different pedagogical possibilities and uses. In addition, Kahoot has one of the most extensive support systems, from the FAQ page to the continuously updated Kahoot! Journal, with pages such as MagicMoments for inspiration.

Kahoot! is also thoughtfully designed for usability. Creating an account is quick and free. Students under 16 have private settings, in which they can only share Kahoots! with their teacher and peers as well as access Kahoot!-approved featured quizzes. Making a quiz is intuitive, so that the heavy-thinking is saved for the content of the game.


Only having four options might be a limitation, but you could also see it as a creative constraint. It was also not immediately clear how to play to begin a single-player game. Toggling between tabs in a single window for the game screen and answer board screen was annoying, and we would recommend having the answer board in a split screen window or on another device.

Our Takeaway:

With 48,761,000 public Kahoots! (games) at the time of writing this article, there is certainly a worldwide community of Kahooters that we recommend joining!

Image: Kahoot! by @getkahoot via @getkahoot