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Aug 19 2015 - 08:00 PM

"HyperStudio explores the potential of new media technologies for the enhancement of education and research in the humanities. Our work focuses on questions about the integration of technology into humanities curricula within the broader context of scholarly inquiry and pedagogical practice." (Learn about HyperStudio)

Supporting Scholarship
Located at an intersection of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT, HyperStudio is at once a group of scholars and developers, a laboratory, and an idea: to bring cutting edge digital technology to the humanities. HyperStudio works with innovative educators at MIT to integrate technology into their research and teaching with original content and media delivery platforms, or to imagine new, dynamic ways to innovate humanities learning with contemporary tools in tech. In addition to the project-based approach that is meant to conceptualize, support, produce, and otherwise shepherd digital humanities ideas brought to them for development by other members of the MIT community, HyperStudio continually works on in-house projects that offer knowledge, services, and tools for public consumption, increasing awareness in the new ways modern humanities scholars can interrogate their fields.

Building Communities around Digital Tools
HyperStudio tailors its own software to the needs of humanities scholars. Projects like Annotation Studio, a text-annotating platform for humanities teachers and their students to converse dynamically with digital texts; Repertoire, a flexible, customizable software "ecosystem" for professors to visualize humanities course content; and Chronos Timeline, a Repertoire-based tool for presenting time-based data, are examples of the digital work that HyperStudio uses to open up new avenues in presenting and performing twenty-first century humanities research. Their own web-published findings and public events not only communicate trends in the digital humanities field, but also open up possibilities for integrating technology within interdisciplinary professional research networks. HyperStudio's tools, services, and mission embody and inspire collaboration.

Image: via HyperStudio

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