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Jun 02 2015 - 08:00 PM
CodeMonkey is a game platform for children ages nine and up that teaches CoffeeScript, a programming language primarily used for web applications. In gameplay, learners have to help a monkey character get bananas by writing CoffeeScript code to direct the monkey's movements and actions. The CoffeeScript syntax used in the game is easy to understand and learn. The challenges start simply, by asking students to move the monkey with steps and directions and scale to more advanced tasks that involve functions and various types of loops. Currently there are 90 challenges on the platform.


Unlike many other popular educational coding platforms, like Scratch, that use graphical blocks to facilitate code learning, CodeMonkey integrates the real CoffeeScript language into gaming and programming activities. These coding skills transcend the CodeMonkey platform and can be used in real world web development. The star rating at the completion of each challenge gives students a simple evaluation of their solutions, and encourages them to produce better and more efficient code. The teacher account and dashboard are also well designed. It is especially easy for teachers to create accounts for various groups of students.


Currently CodeMonkey doesn't work on tablets or mobile, though the company plans to release a tablet version in the future. The lesson plan resources are also not freely available on the website, but can be requested.

Our Takeaway:

Programming education continues to be in high demand in K-12 education environments. CodeMonkey's point of difference is its thoughtfully selected programming content and its balance of code learning and real world knowledge. It is a great entry platform that will help students understand computer science concepts and learn real world programming skills.

Image: Logo via CodeMonkey

|By: Ching-Fu Lan|849 Reads