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May 26 2015 - 08:00 PM
Talk Different

Talk Different is a communication app that lets users talk with graphics. The app's creator, the mother of an autistic child, wanted to give users the ability to transcend the communication barriers of verbal disabilities, literacy, and language fluency. Users can draft messages by choosing images from a variety of themes that include verbs, activities, clothing, house, school, and nature and arrange them in order to create sentences and messages. The messages can be shared through email or via mobile.


Graphic messaging is a creative and useful tool for communication beyond the language barrier. Talk Different provides a rich collection of images so users will find most of their daily communication words in the image library. They can also create their own images, attach sounds and text to those images, and save them to their personal library for frequent use. Talk Different also supports nine languages in their user interface.


The categorization of the image library and the various themes, emotions and avatars could be confusing for new users because the app does not feature text-based search. Letting users create their own categories and image groups could help with organization and help them find a voice in graphic communication. The customized image editing could also be made more prominent to give users a more customized experience.

Our Takeaway:

Talk Different is a new direction for language learning that will help engage learners with language disabilities and others interested in alternative methods of communication. Visual communication could connect all kinds of learners with many different linguistic capacities and preferences. Talk Different is an app that set out to bridge a specific language barrier, but has the potential to inspire users to think differently about communication.

Image: Image via Talk Different

|By: Ching-Fu Lan|595 Reads