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Apr 05 2015 - 08:00 PM
Investing in Entrepreneurs in Under-Resourced Communities

Fast changing technologies and quickly evolving social media platforms have provided new opportunities for innovation and allowed talented tech-savvy youth to start their own businesses. Yet entrepreneurship requires more than just ideas and technology; to become successful, new business leaders must learn about financial management, marketing, public speaking, intelligent risk-taking, communication, and much more.

Founded in 1991, years before the current boom of technological innovation, Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) formed to help young people from under-resourced communities learn fundamental entrepreneurial skills in order to start and maintain their own businesses. In this video, one YE alumnus, James Harris, shares his story about how YE helped him become an entrepreneur by strategically focusing his energy and talent and how it taught him about the structure of successful businesses.

What impresses you about Harris’ experience at YE? What are the most essential lessons in a youth entrepreneurship program? Share your thoughts with other educators on this vialogue.

Excerpts from the discussion

@01:16: Wang: "these are the hands of a working woman" a very touching life lesson from a working mom!

@06:20: Wang: He is currently advocating the message that "people's circumstances or current conditions don't define them" to high school students, which seems critical especially for those from under-resourced communities."

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