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Feb 23 2015 - 07:00 PM
Write It

Write It is an educational storytelling application for users of all ages. Learners are challenged to create stories during timed intervals using sets of preselected words and can challenge other users to continue or finish the story. The application inspires quick thinking while simultaneously encouraging creative writing and application of vocabulary words. Challenges range in difficulty and points are awarded based on proficiency, speed, and word usage.


This unique storytelling app might help get the creative juices flowing. Users can choose from three game modes designed to challenge, stimulate, and entertain their imaginations while reinforcing core vocabulary comprehension and application. Players can challenge random opponents, pass and play with a friend, or install an upgrade to experience unlimited game time and pages. The design is both colorful and easy to understand, with large buttons and interactive characters. Players are given a pre-selected story title and are encouraged to create a storyline that coincides with the title’s general theme. Next, three words are presented to the user, ranking in difficulty from easy to hard. In order to acquire maximum points, a player must use all three words during their turn. The process of creative reasoning and cohesive word implementation is put to the test as players have a limited amount of time to complete each turn.


This application, though at its core a useful tool for all ages, is generally intended and designed for a younger audience; older learners may find the game’s characters and storyline unsophisticated. As this is an iPhone and iPad app, users must be comfortable typing quickly on these interfaces. Additionally, although learners are encouraged to create stories that both support the pre-selected title and are cohesively written, the app is not able to detect a story’s relevance or whether the given words were used appropriately. This substantial deficiency could render the application pointless, despite its admirable intentions.

Our Takeaway:

Write It is a useful tool for inspiring educational composition and creativity. With this application, everyone can be a storyteller regardless of his or her skill level. Although the interface is not sophisticated enough to detect relevancy, sentence structure, or proper grammar, it does encourage individual exploration in a challenging but approachable atmosphere. Ultimately, the intent of this application is more commendable than its execution.

Image: via Write It

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