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Jan 21 2015 - 07:00 PM
Mentorship in the Age of New Media

Mentorship is an educational approach that dates back long before the advent of the modern education system and remains a powerful way to prepare youth to be experts in various fields. Mentors not only provide professional advice but also share their experiences to help mentees quickly get real world perspectives to deal with career challenges. Mentoring is also a widely advocated approach to help youth achieve better academic performance, foster self-esteem, and prevent behavioral problems.

What is good mentorship? There might be many ideas, but a caring and supportive relationship would be on many people's lists. In this video, the late Mike Hawkins, an inspiring poet, activist, digital media educator, and popular mentor in the Chicago hip-hop scene, shares his personal experiences about mentorship, from both perspectives of being a mentee and a mentor. For him, mentorship is about love, which powerfully summarizes the nature of it.

What are your mentorship experiences? In what ways might we promote mentorship in the digital media age? Share your thoughts with other educators in this Vialogue.

@00:40 johnlee: Being supportive yet pushing the mentees to their limits.

@01:43 johnlee: Validation and encouragement from teachers and mentors are critical for youth to continue exploring and pursuing their passion, especially in those areas such as poetry that are not so popular among youth.

@06:32 johnlee: Seeing the trajectory of big breakthroughs from the mentees opens up what is human potential. This seems to be the most fulfilling rewards of being a mentor.

|By: Ching-Fu Lan|676 Reads