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Jan 11 2015 - 07:00 PM
Expressing Yourself Through Code

Creativity cultivated in arts education can foster technology and science innovation. One of the most important contributions from arts education is that it encourages creative expression. After school programs such as Curious Jane and Sound and Space Camp illustrate the power and potential of this approach to engage girls in learning about science, technology, and engineering. While these STEAM programs help prepare students with holistic science and humanities experiences, it would be powerful for students to see real life models who integrate expertise in both areas into their careers. Miral Kotb, the CEO of iLuminate, is an inspiring model in this sense.

In this video, Kotb explains how two seemingly irrelevant childhood interests merged to become foundations of her creative performances that fuse dance, music, light, and technology. Furthermore, she shares the lesson of being different and earning respect as she forges a new path in a field dominated by men.

Are there any other inspiring stories about STEAM entrepreneurs? How can we foster better STEAM programs and career innovation? Share your observations on this Vialogues with other educators!

Excerpts from the discussion

@00:00 kwaku5: It is interesting how Miral Kotb integrates a personal hobby (dance) with a career choice (coding) to create illuminate. Creativity at its best!!

@02:20 johnlee:I was thinking about how fortunate she is to be able to combine her talent and passion into an unique and satisfying career, and ran into this interview about how unexpected life events (in her case, cancer) also play an important role in shaping her career. Very interesting!! See more here: http://blogs.vill...

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