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Sep 20 2005 - 03:05 PM
Baseball at TC
Hui Soo and I met (with atelier-like participation from Mike) on an education event/exhibition for the library that is timed to coincide with the playoffs/world series -- that is from October 17th to the 29th. The purpose of the event would be both fun and educational. Check out what we have come up with and let me know (1) what you think conceptually and (2) thoughts about the logistics and implementation. We divided our ideas into two categories, display/environment and program. Display/Environment: - posting baseball pennants for the 6 teams in the playoffs and pulling them down as they get eliminated - displaying posters of historical photos of great moments in baseball. These might go on the 3rd floor or on the walls of the stairwells (we can count on the elevators to help us here), or. . .? -posters of pictures from the '50's/ '60's of kids carrying radios into school -"broadcast" old radio play-by-plays from the display boards ("the pitch is high and inside..." that sort of thing) -put old photos on the library website in some sort of temporary collection. -books on baseball display -a moodle based collection of articles on education and baseball, or sports Activities/Programs: -broadcasting the game in a small conference library -Baseball author book talk (Leo Trachtneberg), or someone talking about a particular book -- like Moneyball. -talk by someone who has used baseball to teach statistics -talk by someone who has used baseball to teach physics -talk by someone who has used baseball to teach "cognition," ie, how do we know how to be where the ball is without doing an equation? -a brown bag on whether women should care about more about male professional sports -- i.e., "women teaching men." Or, a Title IX brown bag -sell EdLab baseball hats! (Or sell other obscure hats for a markup -- like the Brooklyn Eageles.) -brown bag on farm teams as education -show old baseball movies
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