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Oct 15 2014 - 08:00 PM

"We believe that in-person lessons customized to fit a student's needs and learning style will produce the best educational experience for both students and educators. To accomplish this, we've built a product that introduces structure, accountability, and transparency to the private tutoring and test prep experience." (from Book&Table site)

A Different Kind of Tutoring
Founders Joshua Beach and Maurice Wright had a different idea of what tutoring should be when they set out to create Book&Table. They wanted to create a space where students could learn a subject in ways that were suited to their needs and goals. Book&Table is a personalized learning platform that brings students together with outstanding, well-respected educators. Courses are personalized for learners' needs and designed to help students increase their test scores, prepare for college admissions, and master K-12 subjects. Students connect on a personal level with their instructor and can utilize web technology to enhance their overall learning experience.

Unique Environments, Top Educators.
Book&Table repurposes collaborative workspaces, offices, and bookstores in order to create unique classrooms in intellectually stimulating environments. They work within the NYC community to find partnerships that benefit both local businesses and Book&Table. Some of their more notable classroom partners include WeWork, LearnLaunch, eSpace, and New Work City.

Book&Table employs a variety of educators dedicated to helping their students succeed. Tutors are comprised of full-time teachers, graduate students, and working professionals with a minimum of two years in their specialty. Additionally, students can view course synopses from potential tutors to determine the best fit. Book&Tutor also offers specialized classes on SAT/ACT standardized testing, college entrance essays, and personal statements. These prep sessions are specifically designed to help students perform their best in these important academic areas.

Image: Logo via Book&Table

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