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Oct 09 2014 - 08:00 PM
Milk Hunt

Milk Hunt is a math learning application for iPad designed for students aged 6-12. In this educational game, students practice their "mental math" by taking the main character through a series of adventures on a quest for milk. The game requires players to be quick thinkers and encourages mathematic mastery through challenges and game incentives. This application is also aligned with Common Core standards for first through sixth grade math. The application is integrated with Apple’s Game Center, encouraging higher scores and friendly competition.


This learning platform is a brightly-colored, fast-paced, challenging application that feels more comparable to old school Sega Genesis games than it does to its contemporary math-app rivals. Players navigate their way through an obstacle-ridden jungle filled with prizes and challenges designed to encourage quick thinking. As players successfully direct a zippy kangaroo through jumps, dives, rolls, and runs, they are hit with intermittent math equations focusing on addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication. Players have twenty seconds to answer while their Kangaroo keeps running, but there is no penalty if time runs out or a wrong answer is given. After every level, learners can earn badges and unlock prizes to enhance their gaming experience. The lengthy course gives learners opportunities to practice their math skills in a competitive, time sensitive environment.


Milk Hunt is extremely challenging, not as a math application, but as a game. In many ways, this application is more about successfully jumping over and diving under obstacles than learning and practicing math. The application’s website clearly states "We don’t like putting pressure on kids. There is no penalty for incorrect answers so kids don’t stress about answering the math questions." Essentially, players feel more pressure, and subsequently more frustration, in attempting to avoid obstacles than in answering a math equation correctly.

Our Takeaway:

Milk Hunt is an addictive game, but not for the reason one would expect. Players are inclined to continue playing not because it’s a great math exercise, but because it’s so difficult to win. This game does not place enough emphasis on teaching and practicing math problems and so it cannot honorably carry the title of "educational application." But for users looking for a bright, challenging game to pass time, Milk Hunt might fit the bill.

The Bottom Line:

Milk Hunt is the Flappy Bird of education applications.

Image: Logo via Milk Hunt

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