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Sep 28 2014 - 08:00 PM

Cubelets are a creative way to encourage young minds to unleash their inner robot-building skills. Each Cubelets kit comes with a set of blocks, or cubes, that produce different functions when combined in various ways. The basic kit contains a battery cube, brightness cube, flashlight cube, drive cube, distance cube, and passive cube. Each cube is magnetic and, when attached with another cube, can form a mini robot that moves, lights up, and responds to touch. There are endless combinations of mini robots to be made and the more cubes you have, the more possibilities for creative, working bots!


This tech toy will keep builders busy and entertained for hours. The basic Cubelets robot construction kit comes with six magnetic cubes that snap together to perform a number of functions. Larger kits are available and individual cubes can be purchased for endless creative opportunities. Each cube is magnetic and builders can have a working robot rolling around their desk with just a few snaps. Users can create a flashlight that dims and brightens with a touch sensor or a moving bot that "sees" its surroundings and speeds up or backs away. Builders can create dozens of cube combinations and the magnetic connections make it easy to switch, adjust, and improve each bot. Cubelets are extremely portable and contain no small parts, which makes them a great toy for builders of all ages. Cubelets also offers a brick adapter that allows you to pair cubes with Legos to create even more complex bots.


The biggest drawback for Cubelets is the price. The basic robot construction kit is over $150 for six cubes. Larger sets go all the way up to $1,000 and individual cubes are around $35-$40. The high price is likely to deter many from even considering purchasing the item, which is unfortunate considering its valuable learning properties.

Our Takeaway:

Cubelets is a hot new tech toy that’s guaranteed to have builders playing for hours. Endless functional varieties and instant working results make this set a top pick for educators, builders, and parents alike. However, the cost puts this item out of reach for many consumers, especially those unfamiliar with the toy’s unique engineering capabilities.

The Bottom Line:

Everyone’s a robotics genius with Cubelets!

Image: Logo via Cubelets

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