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Sep 08 2014 - 08:00 PM
Virtual Internship Program Turns Students Into Biomedical Engineers

Nephrotex is a virtual internship program developed by the Epistemic Games Group at the University of Wisconsin. Participants "play the role of interns in a fictitious biomedical engineering design firm" and their primary task is to "develop a novel nanotechnology-based membrane for use in kidney dialysis systems." With features including solving authentic world problems, working in teams with peers, and connecting to live professional mentors, Nephrotex illustrates a learning model of MACROSIM, or Massively Adaptive Complex Realistic Online Simulation with Interactive Mentoring , which the design team believes should be the future of online learning.

What do you think of this new model of learning? What are the strengths and limitations of this innovative approach? Join the conversation on on Vialogues and share your thoughts with other educators!

Excerpts from the discussion

@00:45 Wang: Form for Electronic Experimental Device Simulation (FEEDS) looks like a great tool in Nephrotex for student interns to build and test engineer devices and get feedback from their designs.

@01:26 Clark: This "internship" takes students through so many learning opportunities- gathering requirements, team work, prototyping, presenting to different audiences... what a great experience!

|By: Ching-Fu Lan|674 Reads