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Sep 07 2014 - 08:00 PM
article.title is an online app that syncs note-taking with videos for quick and easy reference. syncs with your Google Drive to automatically synchronize your notes with whatever video you are watching. Users can then click on their time-stamped note to instantly jump to the appropriate place in the video. works with Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Khan Academy, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Pros: enables students and teachers to take notes as they watch a video, with the side-by-side viewing panel. Users are able to copy the URL of a video, enter it on, and begin taking synchronized notes right away. Each note is time stamped to reflect the place in the video in which the comment was written. Additionally, users can insert screenshots directly from the video into the notes. Clicking on the comment or time-stamp takes users back to the appropriate section of the video. The best part about is that all notes are automatically saved to Google Drive, giving users the ability to access and share their notes whenever they want. works with any browser and supports many different video-streaming websites.


Although automatically saves to a user’s Google Drive, the notes are not viewable in Google Docs because they are saved as a text file. Therefore, if a user wants to make edits, view, or add notes, they must download the file, save it as a .doc, re-upload it, and then convert it to a Google Doc. Unfortunately, this process must be repeated each time the user takes notes if they want an editable Google Doc version. This process could become cumbersome and might prevent users from using the application at all. However, if note-takers are comfortable using Google Drive as a backup-only storage space and making edits/changes to notes within the application itself, this is not an issue.

Our Takeaway: is a great addition to any student/researcher/teacher’s toolbox. The dual panels make writing while watching a video simple and efficient. Additionally, its seamless integration with Google and Google Drive make this tool even more attractive. Making the backups readable in Google Docs might draw more users.

The Bottom Line:

A notable Video tool!

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