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Sep 07 2014 - 08:00 PM

Gradeable is an assessment tool designed to facilitate the process of grading papers for educators of all grade levels. Teachers scan assignments, quizzes, and exams into their computer and use Gradeable to leave feedback, make corrections, and monitor overall student progress. Multiple-choice assignments are automatically graded once scanned into the system, giving graders the ability to spend more time on constructive critiques or suggestions for student improvement. Graded work can then be transferred to an educator’s grade book of choice (through csv files) and two types of feedback (summary and annotated) can be printed out for students.


Gradeable is designed to improve and enhance the overall grading process, making it quicker, neater, and more easily assessable. Teachers can upload existing assessment tests or create multiple choice, short answer, or true/false question assessments right in the interface. Teachers simply print out the assessments and hand them out like a normal test. After the tests are completed, the teacher scans the test into a PDF and imports the documents into Gradeable’s interface. A QR code at the bottom of each paper quickly identifies the test and corrects multiple choice and true/false questions. After that process, the grader can focus on writing critiques and assessing short answer questions, adding notes to the PDF document. Gradeable quickly analyzes all tests and produces a summary of student success/failure, giving teachers instant insight into the overall class performance. At $7/month, the interface is relatively inexpensive in view of to its usefulness.


The interface is slightly cumbersome to use and there is definitely a learning curve. The main issue with this platform appears when scanning and uploading the documents. The quality of the scan can vary greatly depending on the user’s hardware and scanning prowess, and the time consuming nature of scanning each document may dissuade teachers from using the platform altogether. Additionally, existing issues with uploading and reading the document on Gradeable could make the entire process more troublesome than helpful.

Our Takeaway:

Gradeable is a useful tool for teachers who have access to scanners and are looking to make the grading process more efficient. The interface organizes, grades, and analyzes tests quickly and effectively, giving teachers more time to critique and assess class performance. Of course, devoting time to such more sophisticated assessments is up to individual teachers.

The Bottom Line:

Grade easier with Gradeable.

Image: Logo via Gradeable

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