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Jul 23 2014 - 08:00 PM
Civitas Learning

The Civitas Learning platform is an advanced analytics tool designed to aid students, faculty, and administrators in their academic pursuits. Founded in 2011, this company uses a cloud-based predictive analytics platform to deliver enhanced, individualized recommendations for everyone in the learning institution. Students can receive suggestions on best courses and degrees for their needs, faculty and advisors can monitor student engagement and performance, and administration can determine which students are at risk and forecast what courses will better the academic community as a whole.


The company combines an institution’s "big data" with student demographics, behavioral and academic habits to create a cloud-based, predictive analytics tool that enables users to harness information for personalized recommendations. The platform offers real-time insight into an institution’s academic successes and failures, giving both students and administrators the foresight to rectify potential problem areas. Civitas Learning also gives students access to their own data, enabling them to effectively analyze patterns and learning behaviors as well as receive individualized recommendations for their own personal success.


Civitas Learning is an intelligent system that relies heavily on data input from faculty members across the campus. In order for the system to provide the best insights, faculty members must be dedicated to updating student progress, grades, participation, and other learning factors. While many classrooms are already using online technology like Blackboard (which Civitas can incorporate into its learning analytics), classes in the arts or humanities may not be web-based at all and thus analytics for such classes would rely on constant manual updates by faculty members.

Our Takeaway:

Civitas Learning works with institutions to discover new ways to help students succeed in the classroom. Their complex, research-based approach to information retention and user engagement is intriguing and this product could transform the way students learn in the classroom.

The Bottom Line:

Civitas Learning helps students get to where they need to go.

Image: Logo via Civitas Learning

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