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Jul 12 2014 - 08:00 PM
Addimal Adventure

Addimal Adventure is a math learning application for the iPad designed for grades K-2. Addimal Adventure uses bright, interactive characters and intuitive learning techniques to teach single digit math problems to young learners. Children make their way through different levels and are offered many different hints and ways to solve each equation. As the rounds progress, different challenges, such as time limits, encourage users to move forward and employ techniques like memory and the process of elimination. After each level, learners earn blocks for the problems they solved correctly, with a total of 25 blocks possible.


The application is very well designed for its target audience. Each level features colorful and interactive characters that encourage and entice young learners with prizes to make their math adventure more exciting. Each math equation gives users 2-5 options for how to solve the problem, depending on what is most comfortable or most effective for the learner. Once the correct answer is determined, users can slide the bottom counter to the proper number and the solved equation is repeated back to the student for better retention and confidence boosting. If an incorrect answer is given, the program allows for one more try before giving the correct answer. At the end of each round, learners collect blocks for the questions they have solved correctly. Once all the blocks are collected in one level, a piece of the puzzle is revealed and learners can continue on to the next level, with more difficult questions.


Users may become tired of addition drills after a while and though the scenes and backgrounds alternate between tasks, they are the same throughout all levels. Additionally, the slider bar for submitting answers is very sensitive which could be problematic for little, active hands. The app is currently only supported on the iPad.

Our Takeaway:

Addimal Adventure is a charming, free application for those searching for a way to get their children excited about math. The application allows users the flexibility of solving equations in the way that resonates most with them and uses repetition to enforce correct answers. Overall, Teachley has created an entertaining and educational application for young learners.

The Bottom Line:

Learn simple addition while saving the world!

Image: Logo via Addimal Adventure

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