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May 07 2014 - 08:00 PM

ELLevation is a teaching tool for ELL educators designed specifically with English language learners and teachers in mind. ELLevation enables educators to track each learner’s language proficiency, progress, and overall performance in individual student profiles. ELLevation is a systematic and efficient way to monitor each student’s language learning journey and create customized plans to suit each learner’s needs. With this tool, educators can easily group students by fluency, quickly identify problem areas, design personalized instruction-based lessons according to individual needs, and spend less time on compliance with ELLevation’s integrated messaging system.


ELLevation is an exceptional tool for educators looking to gain a deeper knowledge of a student’s language learning experiences. It’s the first teaching platform dedicated to ELL educators and it offers a variety of functions on both a macro and micro level. Educators can view data trends in multiple classrooms at once, immediately identify struggling learners, create goals and strategies for students on a personalized level, and organize lesson plans on a classroom level. Dealing with compliance is no longer a major hassle as ELLevation offers an integrated messaging system that generates Title III required letters in 28 languages, monitors students during the post-reclassification period, and reports on approved testing resources for English learners.


Even though ELLevation has been around since 2007, it’s still struggling to grow its user base. The web–based platform is only being used in about 150 classrooms over 16 states and membership rates seem to have slowed substantially. This could prove worrisome for potential subscribers who are debating whether they want to invest in the membership cost for a company that may not survive the year. The site lacks information on basic subscription costs, package deals, or district subscriptions. It is also unclear if hands-on training is available for new users and what types of customer and product support are provided.

Our Takeaway:

ELLevation allows teachers to monitor and assess individual student performance while providing comprehensive insights and metrics to ensure each learner is succeeding in their language learning goals. ELLevation’s unique platform is the first teaching resource specifically designed with ELL educators in mind and its seamless integration of compliance tools makes this platform a valuable asset for those in the field.

The Bottom Line:

ELLevation could help ELL educators raise their game.

Image: Logo via ELLevation

|By: Dana Haugh|1109 Reads