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Mar 27 2014 - 08:00 PM

Flocabulary is a contemporary teaching platform that creates educational rap music videos and songs designed to make classroom learning fun. This tool puts a spin on traditional learning by incorporating "rap" rhymes into lesson plans to help students with memorization. A number of teaching resources are available, such as challenge questions, fill in the blanks, lyrical discussion outlines, and tests designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum. The platform also focuses on creating raps that fulfill the Common Core Standards. Overall, it is an inventive and engaging way to make what might ordinarily be a "boring" lesson into something interactive and energizing.


Flocabulary offers a vast amount of resources for its subscribers. There are plenty of rap videos for all major K-12 subjects (vocabulary, language arts, social studies, science, and math) as well as an extremely valuable section entitled "The Week in Rap" which summarizes the week’s events, dating back to 2009. Each video is accompanied by challenge questions and fill in the blanks relating to the content of each rap, which is a great way for educators to measure the effectiveness and retention rates for each lesson. Last year, Flocabulary revamped the entire site to include new features and content to support the Common Core. The site also offers a rap series specifically designed for the SAT. A variety of paid subscriptions are available, with different pricing for professional and personal use.


Flocabulary is still a developing platform and although there are rap lessons based on the Common Core Standards, not every lesson is guaranteed to abide by these new rules. Another potential issue is the lack of grade-specific rap lessons. While the site does offer breakdowns for each level of school (elementary, middle, high school), there is no specific grade level designated for these lessons. This could make the task of finding appropriate songs more labor intensive for educators, as they would need to go through each song to find one that is relevant to their lesson.

Our Takeaway:

Flocabulary offers a new way for educators to get their students actively involved in learning. In addition to presenting materials with a relatable, modern-day approach, the platform encourages young learners to explore their creativity through their lesson and music video creations. Teaching resources like follow-up exercises, test questions, projects ideas, and games truly make this a unique and valuable program for educators at all grade levels. As the lesson plan collection continues to grow, this resource will only become more beneficial and relevant to educators.

The Bottom Line:

Flocabulary makes learning entertaining and easy.

Image: Logo via Flocabulary

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