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Feb 24 2014 - 07:00 PM

Jamtok is a platform that helps students learn languages through a fun and exciting medium: music. Each lesson focuses on a well-known song that blends English with foreign language lyrics, resulting in a strange amalgamation of words that somehow flow together seamlessly. While listening to the strange mix of words, lyrics written in the desired language are streaming along the bottom, with "targeted" vocabulary appearing in yellow. The app aims to engage the user on multiple sensory levels to create a more productive learning experience. Once the song is completed, users have the chance to test their knowledge in a series of games. In each of the challenges, the song is played in the desired language and the user must determine the correct translation of the targeted word. A quicker response earns more coins, which can then be used to purchase the translated songs.


The app is available for iPad and iPhone and boasts a colorful, simple design. The platform has an intuitive layout and is very easy to navigate. The songs are both well produced and timely, which makes word recognition much easier for the learner. It is a very interactive application, encouraging its users to tap, drag, drop, and play in each learning level. The ability to acquire coins based on word retention is also a big plus, as it gives the user something to work toward.


This app is only available for iOS and currently only offers two languages (Spanish and Japanese). The app is entirely comprised of cartoon characters, which could deter adult learners from using it. The application does not work on computers, so unless you have an Apple phone or tablet, the app will not work for you. There are other sites and applications that offer similar musical language learning lessons and cater to all devices, which could hurt this app’s chance of success.

Our Takeaway:

The colorful layout and simple design enhance this application’s appeal as a learning tool for younger users. Jamtok should expand the number of languages they offer and also develop an app that works for Android users.

The Bottom Line:

Jamtok makes learning a language fun and interactive.

Image: Logo via Jamtok

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