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Sep 14 2005 - 04:17 PM
The Complaint from an Anonymous TC Student
This is the complaint from an Anonymous TC student "Ed Smith" circulating around email lists: -------------------- Dear fellow student, Attached please find the related document. If you are a TC student affronted about the current tuition increase in the face of deteriorating instruction and poor student services you are subjected to at TC, I urge you to join this petition immediately! Each and every support for this petition can help to stop this tuition increase and strengthen TC students' voices to improve your and your fellow students' education at TC. Please pass this letter on to other students at TC if you can. For this petition, you need not be afraid to join in, because, in the first place it is your given right to petition against unfair and unjust act imposed on you by the college, in the second you can protect your privacy if you choose so. If you do not want to disclose your identity but remain anonymous, I suggest you: 1. Create an email account under a fictitious name with any free email providers. Go either to, or or and sign up for a free email account using a fictitious name. 2. Send an email to with a statement that you would like to support the petition against the current tuition increase. 3. In your email, specify the areas of your dissatisfaction regarding instruction and college services. I will forward the students' emails to the President Office with a petition statement we will agree on. As for your particular problems, you can report them to outside organizations (see the attached organizations list), if you have already sought a solution within TC but are not satisfied with the outcomes provided by the college. I am a graduate student at TC, and the purpose of this email is I invite TC students to express their strong disapproval against the current tuition increase and join this campaign to petition against it. I guarantee you this way we will be more successful than having a town hall meeting with Martin Donald. We need to collaborate and fight together as a team in order to be effective. If we do not petition together, your personal appeals will be ignored by the TC Board of Trustees, President, and Administration. In the present, the problems the student body faces in TC have reached at proportions so severe that we can no longer afford to ignore them. These problems encompass the poor quality of education and infrastructure, lack of faculty advice, administrations' indifference to student complaints, discrimination, meager or no access to financial aid and scholarship for research, inefficient network for employment leads, poor library, under represented student populations, and nonexistence of an independent office to protect students' rights. The quality of instruction in some programs is so poor that they are simply unacceptable, but we still go to those classes and take those courses. The bottom line is we do not receive a quality product comparable with the tuition fee we pay. And in the face of all this, the current tuition increase is just an insult, adding more fuel to the injury! Let us be united. Let us be strong! Let us fight together for what is right for us. Best, Ed Smith -------- The attached file with links were included as a Word file.
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