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Jul 28 2013 - 08:00 PM
Integrating Technology into the Classroom the Smart Way

Integrating technology into the classroom in an effective manner can enhance engagement by connecting students to a global audience, enabling them to become content creators, and helping them learn to work well in a collaborative way. While this sounds great, the question is how? This Edutopia-sponsored video showcases examples of students from a California high school using technology in (and out of) school to enhance learning. Among other ways, the video showcases a student editing a video to create narratives and a teacher describing projects in which students write and edit songs to express thoughts and learning, as well as capture snapshots of important learning moments.

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@01:06 Glamorgan: I think it is really cool how she is using digital tools for personal narratives. It is like the modern day toy box, and these new toys are a great way to encourage reflection on person experience which can enhance learning

@01:30 elisa.brazil: Kids today can "use podcasts, video and other digital tools to express their thoughts and to express their learning". I love this idea of expressing their learning, because this serves as a reflective process that can enhance the learning experience.

@01:46 Glamorgan: "When you create it changes the learning experiences." I think this is so true. It is the ultimate form of engaged learning, particularly when compared to traditional lectures or being told how to do something.

|By: Laura Scheiber|890 Reads